Nature Within Us

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Bright shining sun, won’t you light another fire in my humble heart. Burn away all the fears, So that they might disappear into the vast open space between me and you. 
Make the ashes out of the old thoughts, words and dreams and I’ll spread them throughout the land and sea. 
Give me the courage to make every moment a refreshing head start into an opportunity to inspire, create and explore 
 Leave me a drift in the Ocean. Soft gaze on the horizon I feel the warmth from thee, in this moment, there is no I, there is no me. 
In my mind the sun song plays over and over the sacred mantra keeps me calm, and safe.
May your adorable intelligence illuminate my mind and help me see through the illusions of time.  
Diving into the endless pool of love and compassion. With your grace life goes on and on. Each day is possible only by your divine presence.
May I swim with the sharks dolphins and rays and may they help guide me through the dance of the cosmic waves. Set a drift into a never ending sleep. There is no I, there is no me. Finally I am set free.

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