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The Inter-Relations of Core, Arm Balances, and Inversions

Thrive Yoga & Fitness

Bradenton, FL

Sat July 23rd.  1-3pm

Yin Yoga 4:30-6:30pm

Description: Detailed breakdown seven core strengthening and opening practices and application of an awakened core to up to fifteen arm balances and inversion poses. Standing poses are explored in their sub-families: internal rotation, external rotation, and standing balance. With each pose, we will learn how to look at, see, understand, and relate in a meaningful way with effective verbal and hands–on cues to students who exhibit different challenges and tendencies in that particular pose. Covers benefits, risks and contraindications, alignment principles and energetic actions. Also covers how and from what vantage point to best observe and demonstrate, helpful modifications and use of props, and variations for students who can go farther.

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